Bobby Underwood
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 148

Grover’s Creek is a wonderfully nostalgic and unabashedly sentimental Christmas fantasy. Filled with Americana and imbued with the longing most of us feel for a better time in our shared history, there is something universal in Nick’s story of disillusionment with the present woes of the world. Searching for something more than his life as a crime photographer for a major paper in a metropolitan city has given him, what he finds can only be described as a Christmas miracle. A town steeped in the past, no longer on any map, and barely remembered, may hold the key to his future if he can find the faith and courage to accept what most would find beyond belief. Gentle and old-fashioned, Grover's Creek is a story of love and miracles, for those who still believe both are possible.
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