N.K. Pockett
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 282

“Santa is scary with his pot stomach and beard that God knows what’s inside and his abusive name calling. I mean, he calls everyone hoes.”Evelyn Monroe hates Christmas with a passion, and she vows to hate it till the day she dies. Up until she was seventeen, she was a firm believer about all things Christmas, including that Father Christmas exists. But after reality slapped her hard, all she wants to do with Christmas spirit is to shoot it down. Christmas season drives her borderline crazy, and things just got a tad harder when an insanely hot Santa with a six-pack starts following her around.Nik McArthur a.k.a ‘Santa’ was busy greeting kids when he saw the Grinch in human form, albeit a prettier and more charming version. Now, he wants nothing short of her for Christmas, and he’s gonna find her and turn her into his own little elf no matter how fast she runs.Between holiday ...
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