Kitty Kendall
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 101

The race to the finish line is on.With every success in her yearlong challenge, Jane not only learns more about herself but she also discovers fabulous insights on how to please a man. The arrival of her birthday sets off a starter gun in her brain, triggering her ultimate race to the happily-ever-after finish line. Thanks to a date with a man who’s becoming a more regular fixture in her life, her special day is not only mind-blowing, it's unlike anything she’s ever experienced before. But he’s not alone in his pursuits.With several men from the past six months wanting more than just the traditional Memphis experience, Jane soon wonders if she’s already found the man of her dreams. She just has to work out which one.Praise for the Rise of Memphis:“Wow. Memphis just keeps surprising me. Never know what to expect and can't believe all the different situations Kitty keeps putting ...
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