Charlotte E. English
Publisher: Charlotte E. English
Pages: 230

‘I may not be blessed wi’ magic, but I do like to keep things nice and tidy.’Deep in the Lincolnshire Wolds in the year 1812, Bessie Bell slaves away as a housemaid for a merciless employer. Being smart of mouth and a dab hand with a bucket, she makes short work of an assailant — only to be thrown out into the drenching fog of a cold October night.That’s when things turn... strange. Swept away into a wild adventure, stout-hearted Bessie’s fazed by nothing. Not by destitution, even with the winter coming on. Not by mysterious gentleman wandering the night, even if Mr. Green does seem to be out of his wits. Not even by ghostly horses with firelit eyes, no matter that the thing’s nightmare incarnate.Except that this goblin horse is a monarch’s own steed, and his royal master’s never far behind him...Can an ordinary human girl hold her own against the Goblin King ...
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