Ashley Fontainne
Publisher: RMSW Press
Pages: 30

Can the past heal the future?Ninety-one-year-old Marvin Hermesch is determined to find out.After sneaking out of the retirement home on a hot and humid Sunday afternoon, Marvin embarks upon a journey. His memory is deteriorating fast, and he’s having difficulty recalling the face of his deceased wife, Ruthie.As his short-term memory slips, it awakens memories buried deep from his younger days and vivid nightmares of his youth, including the horrors of World War II.Armed with an empty journal, some water, and his trusty old truck, Marvin heads to his childhood home in the backwoods of Grant County, Arkansas for one last journey; one final battle.Marvin fights to regain control of his mind and body by confronting the tragedies of the past in hopes of healing the future.
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