Richard G. Lewis
Publisher: Riana Publishing
Pages: 36

CUSTOMER AVATAR: Get Inside Your Prospect's HeadHow to Create AvatarsWhat is an avatar? A customer avatar is a tool to optimize your target marketing by helping you define your customer profile. In "Customer Avatar" you'll discover how to use Facebook's Audience Insights to define your client profile and learn exactly which products to sell and how to sell your product.Here's what some millionaire marketers and copywriters have to say about this insider secret to writing profitable, persuasive copywriting..."Our job, as the seller of goods and services, is to get out of our own heads and into the heads of the people that we're selling to."Franklin Cole,"Get inside your prospects’ head."Rich Schefren, Strategic Profits"Enter the conversation your prospect is having in their mind." Robert Collier"My strongest copywriting technique; writing from behind their eyes."Ray ...
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