Tish Davis
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 149

She has to find him!Jennifer Lenisten has been given the nearly impossible task of finding a missing person. Naturally driven to please, she doesn’t bat an eye when her demanding employer insists she drive from California to Wyoming to find her birth son. With very little to go on, Jennifer can only pray God will lead her. When she comes face to face with a buffalo on an icy highway, her mission takes a new turn!Jeb Reed knows there is something special about Jennifer when she crashes into his life. She makes him feel protective, and he quickly falls in love with the determined beauty. Yet she neglects her own needs to better serve others. All he wants is to show her how easy she is to love. With a promise to help find the missing son, Jeb has a mission of his own: to show Jennifer that God wants to bless her even more than she blesses others. Will she set her heart aside as she usually ...
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