Tiffani Martin
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 266

This book tells a story of a young girl taught to keep everything to herself and to accept the cards she was dealt. Trust no one is what she was taught to do then forced to keep it all in because she had no one to talk to. Eventually she began accepting her reality that seeing and believing go hand and hand. That's when confirmation from God became her confidant then the devil decided to stunt. She did all she could to dismiss the devils demise of other people’s lies completely out of her mind coming up empty each time. She found it hard to see through the smoke of lies fed to her. However, she desperately wanted to know what God placed her here to do, but she found herself trapped between lies and deceit eventually becoming the one thing she never wanted to be. The events that took place in her life taught her to keep all things about her deep down inside and to accept the cards she ...
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