B. Stadelmann
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Pages: 428

“The illustrious city of God, whether in this temporal stage on its pilgrim’s progress among the wicked, and living by faith, or established in yonder eternal habitation which it now patiently awaits...”-Saint Augustine, Treatise on the city of GodIt was the Breath of God, and to the people of the City it was the core of their world. It warmed their homes and their hearts, it sustained them and strengthened them, and it filled their lives with joy. Known as the Aether to those who studied it, its intricacies remained elusive to all. It was imperceptible to the naked eye, yet its presence was felt everywhere. It was infinitely subtle, yet immeasurably powerful. With it, the City stood as a fortress against the desert winds, and as a bastion of hope and of faith. Its people lived without fear of disease, war, famine, or poverty. Life was perfect.But as the pious civil officer ...
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