Agatha Higgins
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 36

Gardening has always been a curious idea to many, and the funny thing is that a lot of people nowadays seem to think that gardening is a piece of cake. And I understand – I mean, what’s so complicated about planting seeds, right? Wrong! Gardening requires knowledge, technique, and a whole lot of preparation.Therefore, we give you “Beauty in Plants” – a very simple and practical guidebook that aims to walk you through the do’s and dont’s of gardening and everything you need to know to help you create that beautiful garden you’ve always dreamed of. Everybody needs the basics – the foundation is the key to success in just about anything! “Beauty in Plants” will equip you with exactly the foundation you will need to get you on your way to unleashing the gardening expert in you! Gardening is a hobby that i enjoy doing daily, seeing plants come to life after a very short ...
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