Sally McKinney
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 60

Despite the vast difference in rank between them, Katherine Cooper and Duke William Fitzarthur meet and fall in love at his birthday party as she serves his guests. Intrigued by her revolutionary tendencies and boldness, and overawed by his beauty, power and reputation they begin an affair. But when his engagement to the wealthy heiress Lady D’Evreaux is announced the next day they are forced to part ways.But Katherine refuses to take the place society has carved out for her and as her schemes for her friend Alice begin to unravel a far greater scandal, she finds herself in a place where wealth and rank are not the only sources of power… Bubbling with sexual tension and scandal, TITLE runs out a tale of love and scandal set in the quiet country burg of Collerton.Contains a special bonus eBook inside!Warning: contains sexually explicit content suitable for ages 18 and over only
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