Jeff Madison
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Because your week nights should be spent doing what you love most!Essentials of Slow CookingThe #1 Best-Selling Book in Heart Healthy Category“I love this cookbook. It's full of things you actually want to eat.”Christine GonzalezAre slow cookers worth the effort?Nutritious, Delicious MealsTime-saverUseful Year-RoundReduced Energy UsageEasy Clean-UpTransportableCooking with a slow cooker is a great way to save time and still prepare a healthy meal. Assemble the meal in the morning, transfer it to the slow cooker, and get your dinner without mess or cleaning.A slow cooker cookbook you'll use day after day!These are simple, easy Crock-Pot meals. Easy enough for busy weeknights, but filled with enough flavor for the relaxing weekends!FlavourfulStress-Free MealsWarm and ComfortingHealthy No-Fuss CookingGreat For a NewbieEasy Cook, Easier CleanLots of VarietyPerfect for AnyonePicky ...
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