Harlow Stone
Publisher: Harlow Stone
Pages: 281

WAKING UP FROM A COMA..I have amnesia and the only person I remember isn't here. Not even my best friend knows who he is.A DAMAGED WOMAN...I know in my heart Locklin is real, even if I can't fully remember him. My memories of us began with love, songs and passion. But soon after change to blood, sorrow and fear.MAYBE I'M CRAZY...Memories of me running to Locklin, hiding from the Russian's, and bleeding from a stab wound.DESPERATE...Whether or not my mind lies, nothing will stop me from finding him.ONE HEARTBREAKING YOUTUBE VIDEO....When evil shows it's face, you realize that sometimes memories of the past are best left exactly where they came from.....THE PASTA full length standalone second chance contemporary romance with a healthy dose of suspense.Recommended 18+ due to mature content.
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5 stars from 25 ratings
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