Leslie Wolfe
Publisher: Italics Publishing
Pages: 234

Her beautiful face is caught in the final moment of death, lips slightly parted where the last breath escaped. Her unseeing blue eyes are wide and fearful. A few flecks of sand, sparkling in the morning light, cling to her long, dark lashes. A GRIPPING SERIAL KILLER THRILLER“WoW! Holy Smoke! Best thriller I have read in years and I have read hundreds. Absolutely movie material. WoW just WOW!!!” – Mawna, five stars review on Amazon. Who is the beautiful girl found dead at dawn, on a deserted stretch of golden sand? What is her secret?FBI Special Agent Tess Winnett searches for the answers to the baffling crime and with each step, each new clue uncovered, she unravels more unsettling facts that lead her to a single possible conclusion: Dawn Girl is not the first. Her killer has done this before. Hiding a terrible secret of her own, Tess must face her innermost fears, in a ...
Amazon Rating:
5 stars from 2,362 ratings
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4.5 stars from 3 ratings