B.N. Rundell
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 209

This is a story about a horse and a boy, but not just any horse: a wild mustang stallion and not just any boy, but a native American proud member of the Arapahoe nation on the Wind River reservation in Wild Wyoming. When these two wild hearts are knit together through unique circumstances and challenges, they become a championship team. Chastised by his peers and often excluded because of his disability, Trey Standingelk is more comfortable enjoying the solitude of long rides in the mountain with just his horse, his dog and his lifelong friend and often companion, Skye.The two companions find themselves as the captors and eventual trainers of a beautiful mustang stallion, but Trey's challenges lend an obstacle that must be faced. After learning about the opportunities in the realm of horse training and especially the competitive arena of Free-Style Reining, Trey and Star's world is ...
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