Historical Deluxe
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 60

Caroline Tibbot is the daughter of merchants, and never expected to be married to a duke, much less the attractive, arrogant and brash Thomas Ecclestone, Duke of Durham. Sent to his estate against her wishes, Caroline still longs for her one dream to be fulfilled – to sail the oceans just as her parents did. Yet each day that she tries to escape her marriage is a day that shows her a new side to the young duke. In the end, she must choose between her dreams of adventure, and what many would consider a dream – being married to a handsome, rich duke who will giver her a life of luxury. Despite her stubbornness, she has been touched by the duke and must make the ultimate decision.Contains a special bonus eBook inside!Warning: Contains sexually explicit content suitable for ages 18 and over only.
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5 stars from 6 ratings
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