David Danforth
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 206

TOMORROW TIME TRAVEL IS POSSIBLE. YESTERDAY A MADMAN SEEKS TO DESTROY THE UNIVERSE. NOW ONE WOMAN AND HER TEAM OF TIME TRAVELERS WILL NEED TO STOP HIM... America, 2074. Kaylan Smith will soon graduate and embark on the career she was groomed for. Until an executive from the corporation that rules half the world offers her a job she can’t refuse. Become a time traveler. Lead a team through the time stream in search of a lunatic who believes he can change history and destroy the universe. Kaylan’s new career comes with questions—How does the technology work? Who exactly is this madman? And where (and when) does he come from? As Kaylan and her team of Minutemen get closer to catching the rogue time traveler, she needs to get to the truth, before everyone’s time runs out...Minutemen is the first book in a Dystopian Future Time Travel series. Experience the ...
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