Historical Deluxe
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 60

Aileen Connell has always been the belle of every ball. Beautiful and wealthy, she is the charming daughter of a duke, an accomplished flirt with a rather shocking reputation. A reputation that infuriates her father so much he puts a stop to it by arranging her betrothal to his friend’s eldest son, Manuel Foster, the future Marquess of West Yorkshire.Confident in her ability to bring her new fiancé to heel with her dazzling beauty and storied wiles, Aileen obeys her father and travels to the Foster’s manor house. She is shocked to discover that her betrothed is blind. Bound to marry him, Aileen wonders what charms could she have, what power could she hold over a man who could not see her. She speaks her vows, hopeless at the prospect of a dull, loveless marriage, a husband to whom she can offer nothing. As Aileen comes to know Manuel, she finds not only that he is a clever man of ...
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