Kim Cormack
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 412

Lexy, the Dragon of Clan Ankh begins to find her way through the turmoil of her tumultuous past. While still owning the Dragon inside she carries on with her duties as the hitman for the smallest of the three partially immortal clans. After being partnered up with her arch rival for a battle during the Summit where they shared an intimate moment, Lexy finds herself drawn to Tiberius the equally dark leader of clan Triad. As Lexy guides the three newest of the Ankh into their immortal Testing and awaits their return, she begins to search for the woman behind the beast by stepping out of her comfort zone and allowing herself to grow as a person in many new and titillating ways. Knowing she has to move forward does not make it any easier to get over the devotion she feels for her Handler Grey but she strives to make some much-needed intimately exhilarating alterations to her life path.
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