Emmanuel Oberg
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 472

In Screenwriting Unchained, Emmanuel Oberg busts many screenwriting myths and sets out an innovative methodThis practical, no-nonsense guide leaves behind one-size-fits-all story theories and offers a modern approach to story structure, making it a precious resource for anyone involved creatively in the Film and TV industry (or aspiring to be): writers, directors, producers, development execs, showrunners and, more generally, storytellers keen to reach a wide audience at home and abroad.Having identified three main story-types – plot-led, character-led, theme-led – Oberg reveals in a clear, conversational style how each of these impacts on the structure of any screenplay, and how we can use a single set of tools to develop any movie, from an independent crossover to a studio blockbuster.This leads to a powerful yet flexible way to handle the script development process: the ...
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