Lily Penrose
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 76

Do you have hair health problems?Is your hair weak or are you losing hair?Do you want to make your hair healthier in a natural way?This book will solve all your hair health problems and answer all your questions when it comes to curing and maintaining hair health by eating healthy foods.I am Lily Penrose - a health and beauty writer who has been interested in holistic, alternative and natural healing approaches for a long time. I am a self-taught but certified natural health specialist. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge through my books and helping other people deal with the problems I have struggled with.I will tell you and teach you about: 15 superfoods that promote healthy hair growth (pages 4 - 9)8 diet tips for strong and healthy hair (pages 10 - 13)Specific recipes (pages 14 - 55)Main dishes (pages 15 - 30)Salads (pages 31 - 34)Breakfast dishes (pages 35 - 42)Desserts ...
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