Ralph Zieff
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 147

Morry Sonen is a psychotherapist from Portland, Maine. After a terrifying session with a psychopathic patient, Morry`s impulsive personality propels him into a strange odyssey in the dark underworld of 1990s Manhattan.On this journey, he indulges in his addictions - food, love and sex - and of course, Manhattan itself. He sets out knowing little about his own dark side, but soon embraces it all.Moving ever closer to danger, he meets Pauline, a refined prostitute, Jean-Claude, a lovable and flamboyant celebrity restaurateur, and Nancy, a mistress of the subterranean world of S & M.Even the lion at Central Park Zoo understands more about Morry than he does. Closing in on his inner darkness, Morry flies high above it all... but as with Icarus, is descent inevitable?
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