Destiny Aitsuji
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 397

A detective with a private mission, two backpacking brothers with a secret, a noble lady with a heavy burden, her butler with an eccentric character and a strange village girl with a second identity... the strange group of travelers end up spending the night out of the storm in Castella's house with his evil looking cat.An unlikely adventure takes place when Castella's cat goes missing in the dead of night. A strange castle appears and the group of travelers must battle a witch.With her final breath, the witch curses Castella. Ruff, the detective, is left to wonder about his confusing feelings for the young man. Will they be able to convey their feelings for each other in the end?Fons Vitae - a debut in the discriminating society. Eccentric. Fast-paced. Unpredictable.
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