Deany Ray
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 343

Kick back and enjoy these 4 fast-paced, stress-free, humorous cozy mysteries! This box set includes:A SWEET CHUNK OF MADNESSBecky's pastry shop, the Blue Bay Café, is popular among the natives of Ouna Bay, as well as among the tourists passing by. But Becky's life is turned upside down when someone puts their eye on her beloved Blue Bay Café. Who would want her to give up her café? And most importantly, why? Could the new, handsome man in Becky's life have anything to do with it? As things heat up and sinister events become the norm, Becky decides to take matters in her own hands. Join Becky and her best friend, Rosalie, as they try to get to the bottom of this mystery and stop the madness.VANILLA BEAN MURDERWhat would you do if your best friend were a person of interest in a murder investigation? Rosalie just finished the last day of her job as a cashier and she's excited to start ...
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