Sathish Sekar
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: N/A

The 100+ picture guide to flipping houses. Learn how to evaluate and identify properties for flipping. This book explores how to:•Perform due diligence and internet research•Research comparable sales (“Comps”) & calculate an ARV•Walk through a property intelligently•Identify good vs. bad conditions. Flag negative factors•Evaluate repair estimates•Calculate an offer priceI have seen hundreds of houses and this is my accumulated knowledge as a result. And this knowledge could be applied to your local market so you can PICK YOUR FLIP."To those hunting for fortune. You are bold and fortune favors the bold."Table of Contents (Overview)IntroductionI. Finding PropertiesII. Due DiligenceIII. Property Viewing (Process)IV. Good vs. Bad Property ConditionsV. Rehab PotentialVI. Negative FactorsVII. Repair EstimatesVIII. Calculate Offer PriceIX. Making An OfferConclusionAddendum I: ...
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