Mia Syndella
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 123

Traveling to Japan was one of the most interesting and unforgettable events in my life. I was seeking new recipes but found far more than that. Japanese culture is imbued with their philosophy that was developing for thousands of years. This affects their way of life, their culture – music, poetry, and food. Every dish is a combination of aesthetics, taste, and usefulness – every ingredient has it's place and meaning.In this cookbook, I’ve tried to record everything I’ve learned during my journey - here you will find 50 savory dishes that will bring the spirit of Japan to your home. Japanese food is extremely healthy and useful for your body – it’s a known fact that Japanese people are among the longest living cultures, mainly because of their ration. That’s why Japanese cuisine is a perfect solution for those who want to eat delicious, tasty dishes without harm to health ...
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