William Benson
ASIN: B01J46ES44
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 456

Stephen King meets Morgan Llywelyn’s Druids—with a touch of Dickensian morals—in this adrenaline-pumping supernatural thriller.The son of Irish immigrants, Daniel Thomas Cleary was raised by a cold, numbers-minded father who encouraged his corporate ladder-climbing, fact-driven life. He disregards the fairy tale ways of his mother and cannot see beyond the rational world.But all that changes after Dan accidentally causes the death of a criminal. A bright light and the laughter of the afterlife call to him, simultaneously tempting and terrifying him to his core.Supernatural occurrences continue to break down Dan’s calculating persona…and the rest of his life along with it.When his dreams become prophecy, he learns what fate has in store for him. Descended from the ancient Irish Celts, he discovers he is from the Druidic line of pagan priests, and this lineage portends a ...
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