Robert Campbell
Publisher: Ayeshire Publishing
Pages: 224

The Edgar Award-winning author of Junkyard Dog is back with a new mystery featuring Chicago's most endearing sewer inspector, Jimmy Flannery. When a high-and-mighty police chief asks him to help investigate the mysterious death of a man who remains unidentified at the morgue, Jimmy runs up against some Chicago big boys--and an underworld warlord.Well, it finally happened. Old Chips Devlin made me committeeman for the Twenty-seventh ward. I'm the warlord now. What with the celebration and all, my diet's shot to hell. Which is why I was sweating it out at the Paradise Health Club with Shimmy Dugan and Princess Grace -- a black man of the gay persuasion which don't mean he ain't tough as a marine drill instructor when it comes to making you do the deep knee bends and duck waddles -- when Mr. P. Pig met his maker. Nobody knows his name. He's on a trial membership and renews weekly under the ...
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