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Raw food - it is the absolute best way for healthy life and longevity. Raw food is becoming increasingly popular as a result of its undoubted benefits. Many people are happy to stick to this style of life, considering it only right. It is a mistake to think that a raw food is very poor, uninteresting, and tasteless food. In fact, raw fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, and herbs have a mouthwatering aroma and taste that cannot be compared with cooked. All raw followers agree that this natural product can be varied and tasty. If your daily ration will be mainly of raw foods and processed foods will be consumed in small quantities, you can be sure disease will no longer disturb you. If you give up all processed foods, your body rejuvenates, there will be energy and cheerfulness, significantly improved memory and mental abilities, you will be optimistic (if it was not before), and your ...
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