Shelli Marie
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 296

My GIRL Got A GIRLI guess the saying ‘secrets keep you stuck’ is true for this group of childhood friends. Although Charnetta, Autumn, Desmond, Roderick, and Bianca, all are living life by their own individual terms, together they are able to create a new business partnership that makes them all level up.With the Custom Luxury Car Dealership taking off, life is great. Everyone is working to build a successful empire and that is their main focus until, one night changed their lives forever….Roderick and Autumn have the ideal marriage and no one thinks that it can be rocked. But then again, no one has any idea what goes on behind closed doors, especially when you invite an extra guest. Meanwhile, Charnetta is putting her all into a relationship with Desmond while he is avoiding the commitment she is searching for, but he better beware. ‘What you don’t do for your woman, the next ...
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