Abby Byne
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 74

Just as recently-single Bitsie George is settling into her new life as a professional baker, her too-handsome-to-be-real shop assistant Jack gives his grandfather a dozen cherry chocolate cupcakes to share with his friends at Shady Grove retirement home. When one of the cupcakes turn out to be laced with a potentially-fatal dose of Grandpa Roscoe’s heart medicine and his romantic rival for the affections of Miss Lavinia Fay ends up in the hospital, Grandpa Roscoe becomes a prime suspect. But was it really Jack’s grandfather who poisoned that cupcake, or is there someone else with murder on his mind? It’s up to Bitsie to find the real culprit before Jack’s grandfather gets arrested, or, worse yet, the poisoner strikes again. This novella-length culinary cozy will take a reader of average speed about 2 hours to finish.
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