Claire Thompson
Publisher: Romance Unbound Publishing
Pages: 191

WINNER of the 2017 Golden Flogger AwardSecrets protect… They also destroy… Allie turns precious metals and stone into intricate jewelry—too bad she can’t work the same alchemy on her sex life. But a closely held secret keeps her from finding a Dom willing to take her where she longs to go… until she meets Liam, whose darkly compelling nature speaks directly to her submissive heart.Liam writes engaging grant proposals all day, but can’t seem to create the same connection with a true submissive in his life. Though the online spark with Allie is instant and intense, Liam has a damaging secret of his own that forces him to hold the world, including Allie, at arm’s length.As their D/s exploration intensifies, Liam and Allie must confront their fears. Will their newly forged bond be strong enough to survive their secrets?Editor’s Note: While your experience will be enhanced by reading all the ...
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