Lynda Belle
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 36

One Highlander.A fairy that steals his heart.A harpist that has to steal it back.Hamish is on a hunting trip with his father, Conner McFarris. Camping in the woods near their castle, Hamish isn’t afraid of a nymph that finds him in the middle of the night. He welcomes her invitation to spend an erotic night together. But his fatal decision ties him forever to the nymph.Enter Mary the Harpist. Growing up in the local village, she’s known Hamish since childhood. She wishes to help save her friend and lord. Can her love bring him out of the nymph’s spell in time?**Sequel to the Erotic Highlander Series. Also by Lynda Belle: Highlander Bride Taken (Scottish Erotic Tale 1) Highlander Bride Seduction (Scottish Erotic Tale 2) Highlander Bride Freedom (Scottish Erotic Tale 3) Rockin’ Him Hard (Hot Groupies 1) Rockin’ Him Harder (Hot Groupies 2) Rockin’ Him Fierce (Hot Groupies 3) ...
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