H.C. Cavall
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 141

Astin Fell lives a normal life as a struggling barista until, one night, he suddenly sprouts wings and horns. Astin has "expressed" as an Other, a mythological creature trapped in a human shell. The problem is, no one seems to know just what kind of creature he is. To make matters worse, he's drawn the attention of the Taint, an ancient horror devouring the universe one tiny piece at a time. Whatever it consumes, it adds to its army—permanently.And it's hell bent on making Astin its next victim.Thrown headfirst into a world where creatures of myth hide among society, Astin must learn to use his new powers while staying one step ahead of the Taint. He'll have help: Nemesis, the shotgun toting, bike riding Goddess of Vengeance; Claudia Fischer, a woman with three souls bonded inside her; his nightmarish vampyre ex-girlfriend; and his telepathic house cat. But if Astin and his friends ...
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