Jessie Bennett
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 123

Can a mission to find the missing bastard children of the new prince regent lead to the destruction of the happiness enjoyed by a lowly intelligence officer and his beloved Loyalty?Loyalty is eighteen years old and happy with her life, although a wine-colored birthmark stretches across half of her face. She has everything she could want in life, food, a roof over her head, a steady job, and the love of her life. They are not rich, waiting to marry until their finances are in better shape, but she has hope that it will not be in the distant future.Her love has just returned home for shore leave, and is given a secret mission that threatens to change their lives forever. When he’s tasked with finding the prince regent’s bastard children, she never dreams that someone she knows better than anyone will be one of them. The information that could save the lives of her best friend, and ...
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