Adam Rockman
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 204

UNLEASH YOUR CONFIDENT SELF! Imagine living an exciting, enjoyable life free of fear. Imagine having the courage to pursue your goals without worry of rejection or failure. How many amazing opportunities have you missed because shyness or fear prevented you from simply starting a conversation, expressing yourself? Haven’t you ever wanted to try something fun like travel, social events, starting a business, joining a competition, learn a new skill or talk to someone new? How often has fear prevented you from doing what you actually wanted to do!?Would you like to feel ASSERTIVE?, CONFIDENT?, LOVED?, VALUED?, RESPECTED?, AMBITIOUS?, OPTIMISTIC? If yes, then you must read 10 Days to Superhuman Confidence! You’ll finally transform everything that held you back from unleashing your true, confident self. Negative thoughts, failure, rejection, and social pressure will have no power ...
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