Rose Fox
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 39

What happens when two devoted friends face a devastating truth?Two inseparable friends, one Hispanic and the other the daughter of a rich American family, grow up together and are closer to one another than they could have been, had they been sisters.When Chloe gets married, she immediately starts a family, having three daughters with her husband. Unfortunately for Emma, she and her husband are unable to conceive and their relationship begins to sour, with Sam resorting to cheating on her and treating her badly.As the relationship crumbles, Sam spends more and more time away from home and eventually they divorce. Emma marries Ray, finally becoming overjoyed as she falls pregnant.With Chloe also pregnant again, now with her fourth child, it should have been that the two friends would enjoy happy lives. But there is treachery and betrayal just around the corner. And when tragedy ...
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