William Greenway
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 36

Imagine... What your life would be like if you woke up every morning, confident, self-loving. As the person you deserve to be.What if you could easily learn how to love yourself? What if you never doubted your own worth again?Imagine the person you would be. The strong, confident, self-lovning, powerful version of yourself.Now, I know you and I are not like most people. Most people don't actively seek out answers on how to be more self-loving. Most people just sit at home, wallowing in their self-hatred and quite desperation. But I know you are NOT like most people. If you are like me you have always felt you were meant for more. You have always known you were meant for greatness. But if you habitually self-sabotage, frequently engage in negative self-talk, and belittle yourself for no good reason you desperately need to learn how to love yourself because only when you learn how to love ...
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