Atlas Danvers
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 346

Berengarius is a solitary witch who lives alone in the great Alaskan wilderness. He only interferes with humanity once every fifty years to perform the blood sacrifice and prolong his life. His isolation is interrupted when a white witch and an angel confront him and send him on a quest. He has taken the blood of a prophet and now the prophecy has been passed on to him. Slowly he gets attuned to a world that is unfamiliar to him. He learns to make connections and form strong bonds. At the end of his journey waits the great demon, but he must face angels, witches, and demons alike before he can face his destiny. Berengarius soon realizes that this prophecy did not choose him at random as he first believed. His own past comes back to haunt him and he tries to cut a path to a better future.
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