David J. West
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 252

If evil won't stay buried, you get a Legend to put it back in the ground!Porter Rockwell is a Gunslinger, Lawman and Outlaw, and all around Devil of a Saint. Good thing he's on our side!Blessed by a holy man, Porter was promised that if he never cut his hair—no bullet nor blade could harm him—but nobody mentioned all of the supernatural dangers he would run across. From Aztec snake gods to man eating thunder-birds, Cajun zombies and even an ancient vampire there isn't anything Porter won't tangle with.Ride along with Porter and the brilliant damsels not-so-in-distress that lend a helping hand as he faces off against sorcery and desperadoes, myth and legend, demons and dark gods.COLD SLITHER is the ultimate collection of weird western tales featuring Porter Rockwell, as only the master of literary pulp, David J. West, can write him. Spine-tingling horror and grim-dark humor go hand ...
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