Isaac D Cody
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 76

Are you a beginner or have a general sense of Hacking? Do you want to take your hacking skills to next level?Hacking University: Sophomore Edition is the 2nd volume of "Hacking University" in the "Hacking Freedom and Data Driven series."The 2nd volume of Hacking University will serve as a supplemental edition to take your hacking skills and knowledge to the next level.  However, this book will still be newbie friendly to anyone who has no hacking experience. It is also a GREAT addition to "Hacking University Freshman Edition"In this edition, we will dive into the controversial topic of "unlocking" or "jailbreaking" certain devices.The book itself contains actual step-by-step techniques and guides to simplify the hacking process.  Actual code will also be used but don't worry, the steps provided is very user friendly!Hacking University Freshman Edition has had tremendous ...
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