Peter Darley
ASIN: B01KW8R660
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 1100

THE AMAZON #1 BESTSELLING ACTION THRILLER SERIES.Think the proverbial roller coaster sans safety bar and forget about the brakes. It doesn’t slow down.Hold On! – Season 1AWOL soldier Brandon Drake wasn’t looking for a partner. Equipped with his experimental high-tech arsenal, he sets out to dismantle a conspiracy at the highest levels of government. But when the conspiracy puts an innocent women in grave danger, the honorable warrior has no choice but to put his entire mission in jeopardy. Corporate secretary, Belinda Reese, longs for an escape from her dull office life. But she gets more than she bargained for when extremists trap her in a terrifying inferno. Surrounded by flames and fear, she’s breathlessly swept away by the dashing Brandon into a world of mystery, passion, and peril. As Brandon and Belinda work side-by-side to expose the corruption, they’re both surprised ...
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