Grace Fletcher
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 66

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITEDAnne Barclay is beautiful, opinionated, outspoken and single. In the past, she has attracted possible suitors only to scare them away with her harsh words. All because she chooses not to be the docile woman society dictates.Now at twenty-three, she is alone with little chance of finding a good marriage. When she meets the Duke of Hatfield, suddenly everything changes.William Hartfield is attracted to Anne on sight and is intrigued with how she prefers to speak her mind. He also senses that she wants adventure, something he has been experiencing before he took over the title from his nefarious father. She would be perfect for him. Anne has her doubts.But a riding accident might change everything. Will Anne and William come together and resolve their unspoken differences? Or will the Duke continue with his adventurous ways and leave Anne behind as a ...
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