Eric Gardner
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 186

Creation is crumbling around us, yet we can’t see it. War, famine, carnage—it’s just the beginning.Darkness is coming for us all.They say evil comes in many forms. For former soldier Gabriel Willis, it looks like a motorcade of SUVs storming his quiet neighborhood, shattering his hard-earned domestic bliss. His loving wife and children watch in horror as he is arrested and whisked away without explanation.>>>To save his family he must brave the severe terrain of AfghanistanAccused of terrorism and brutally tortured for information, Gabriel later learns that his family has been kidnapped and hidden away. The madman responsible hands him the arduous task of trekking to the mountains of Afghanistan to find famed archaeologist, Othia Morgan, and return with her—or his family will die.>>>An ancient secret holds the fate of the worldOthia has unearthed a secret truth hidden deep ...
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