Ora Wilde
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 713

Love Will Lead Them To A Fight They Cannot WinIn the blink of an eye, the world I knew changed.It all started when he moved in. Just for two months, I was informed, two months to complete his training. The first day I met him, I immediately knew that those two months would be the worst of my life. Conner “The Savior” McXavier.MMA fighter. No. 1 contender for the XFC Middleweight Championship. The man loathed by the entire world for an incident that marred his legacy and forever scarred the sport.Foul-mouthed, rude and completely incapable of controlling his anger, he was just as riotous outside the ring as he was inside it. Given my (admittedly) compulsive need for order, he and I were a volatile combination waiting to explode.There was so much about him to hate. His immature temperament. His inclination for danger. His mouth that spouts curses with every sentence he ...
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