F. A. Imaging
Publisher: Allgood Publishers
Pages: 216

I am a recent graduate of a university here in Arizona. Tiffany was my roommate and still attends that campus. As I was learning photography for one of my course credits, I convinced her to do some nude pictures for me, and being another girl, she totally trusted me. I have a lot more photos of her and many other college girls!I was smart enough to have them all sign a photo release, so I can do what I want with these pictures. That was one major thing I learned in my class! Now, they do not now I am selling them, but I need to money to assist in repaying my massive student loans! You can help me out by purchasing my books, or if you are in Kindle Unlimited...you get them for FREE!Look for more of my books, and more of Tiffany soon, too!This is book number two for Tiffany!
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