Marissa Marie
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 85

Fervid Fermentation book 1: Pickle Mastery An essential guide to pickling for the complete beginnerIncludes 50+ Insanely Delicious Pickle Recipes Pickle Mastery is the first book of the world-renowned series "Fervid Fermentation".As you can probably infer, this book is about pickle recipes. In this book, you will find more than 50 insanely delicious pickle recipes. However, that is not all that this book offers.This book has been written with the assumption that a complete newbie will read it. In the first few sections, you will learn everything you need to know about fermentation and pickling. If you are not new to the process, you can jump strait to the recipes and further augment your mastery over pickles.Happy Pickling!!
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