Catherine Barry
Publisher: Lume Books
Pages: 279

The truth hurts…Olivia Clarke decides to make the most of her children being away to finally turn her life around.She’s determined to give up her long-term use of sedatives once and for all.Olivia admits herself to a psychiatric hospital to finally get to the root of her addiction, only to discover that beneath the layers of denial lies a deeper issue.A boyfriend who’s also an addict, a family who don’t understand mental illness, children who compound her sense of failure and guilt, all add to the difficulties on the rocky road to recovery.However, Olivia quickly makes friends and soon the close-knit group come face to face with their own personal demons.There's the question of Hannah's depression. Is it really clinical, or is it being caused by something else entirely?Why is Bette convinced she has cancer? Can anyone other than the doctors cure her irrational fears?Is there ...
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