Lyssa Dering
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 52

He's finally found a man patient enough to woo him. Or is that just part of the experiment?Quinn Stewart would rather not participate in the first trial for Project Duo, a matchmaking program. But his contract with corporate giant Sociotech obligates him to, and now he's got a chip in his arm and a gorgeous but intimidating match named Deven. They're stuck in an apartment together for a whole month with no television, and, Quinn soon learns, doors that lock at night. As the days pass, he and Deven get closer, but are the feelings growing between them real? Or are they being influenced by their chips—chips that might be faulty, or even deadly?Word count: 11,650NOTE: This is the second edition of Lovesick. It has been proofed and has a new cover but the story has not undergone any significant changes.
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