Joy Ohagwu
Publisher: Life Fountain Books
Pages: 84

A Christian Inspirational Series Novella.Thousands have read it. Start now. "A powerful novella." "Wonderful story that really captures the heart.""...Shows God's redemption from a life ofbrokenness and fear."JABEZWill he Succeed or Fail?“The only stock you’ll ever sell is chik’n stock.”Jabez Patrickson heard those gut-wrenching words dripping with sarcasm from his father at a tender age and knew the odds were strongly stacked against him. Not only will his father not support his goal to become a NY Stockbroker, he would stand against any chance of his succeeding. JB set his heart on his goal. But several odds stood in his way—lack of money, insufficient education, and moral support. Will he make it to the NY Stock Exchange as a stockbroker or will his dream be squashed before it begins? Will Louisville construction worker be the only job ever on his resume? Or with divine ...
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